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Find out what real women & Health Care Professionals have to say about uresta®.

Hear From Health Care Professionals

“I have offered uresta® to women with urinary stress incontinence who do not desire immediate surgical correction and who have daily episodes of leakage that are unpredictable. The device is easy to place and to teach patients to manage. Particularly for those women who are motivated and may still desire future childbearing, uresta® has been a wonderful treatment option. Patients who use uresta® have been very satisfied and found it easy to manage. I think it provides a great option for patients who do not desire surgery to correct stress urinary incontinence.”

Dr. Ryan Stratford
The Women’s Centre. AZ

“As a healthcare provider in women’s urology, I am elated to have a new tool for managing stress incontinence. Many of my more active patients are eager to consider a non-surgical approach for managing leakage during workouts, but traditional pessaries are felt as bulky and uncomfortable. uresta® offers an easy, comfortable, and highly effective method for managing stress incontinence and minor bladder prolapse in women of all ages who hope to avoid the downtime, cost, and potential complications associated with surgery.”

Brooke Faught

Hear From Real Women

“I normally have to wear a big pad when playing volleyball and during high impact training. I normally soak through the pad, underwear and shorts. I completed a series of high level plyometric sessions all around 45 mins long. I did all of this without wearing a pad… something I haven’t done in FOUR YEARS!!! And to my absolute amazement… I DIDN’T LEAK!! I can honestly say girls this device has changed my life!!”​

Aimee Oliver
Owner of Body Fit Moms

“I’m a very active mother of four and always experience UI the week before my period. So I couldn’t run, exercise, sneeze without peeing my pants. uresta® is a game changer.”

Christine, 42

“Best of all it allowed me to run the 5k with my children and not have to worry about incontinence! I can now run regularly and participate in aerobics class with no problems. I recommend it to a lot of my patients and have heard only good things about it from them when they try it”

Family Physician

“This product has improved my level of activity to the point where I can run 10km and stay dry.”


“The product has already changed my life. I cannot tell you how grateful I am. I didn’t realize what a prisoner I was.”

Mary Ellen

“Good product, I love it. Had severe incontinence and it stopped it completely.”


“I tried the bladder support today and I almost cried! It was the first time in 21 years that I sneezed and didn’t wet my panties. I can’t tell you the joy I felt. I have sneezed at least 5 times already today…I love sneezing now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This product is worth every penny.”


“I am very comfortable in going out in public and overexerting myself at any time and it’s a product that I would definitely endorse.”