Experience living without bladder leaks

Clinical studies prove that Uresta helps the majority of women significantly reduce or stop bladder leaks. Schedule a Telehealth appointment with Steady MD today to see if Uresta is right for you and claim your $50 savings*!

See How Uresta Changed Caroline’s Life

How it works

The Uresta bladder support stops leaks by supporting the urethra, rather than absorbing them.

  • Safe for use all day, or just when you need it
  • Cleans with soap & water
  • Easy to insert & remove, like using a tampon
  • Comfortable, you won’t even know its there!
  • No need to remove when going to the bathroom
  • Reusable for up to 1 year
  • FDA Cleared

Schedule a Telehealth appointment with SteadyMD today to see if Uresta is right for you, and claim your $50 savings*!

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What are your leaks costing you?

Your Annual Cost:

Cost To The Environment:

Number of Pads Per Day:

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Currently offering $50 off the $299 cost of Uresta for prescriptions obtained through Telehealth*. Uresta comes with a 14 day money-back guarantee.

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*Telehealth appointments cost $49 and will be facilitated through SteadyMD by an independent physician who will evaluate whether or not you are a candidate for Uresta, and if appropriate, will write you a prescription.

Stop your bladder leaks for only $249

Regularly $299, save $50 Off Uresta through this exclusive Telehealth offer today!

Experience the freedom of:

  •  Playing with your kids
  •  Going to that workout class
  •  Laughing out loud at the movie theatre
  •  Dancing with your partner
  •  Sneezing & coughing without worry
  •  FSA/HSA Eligible
Schedule a Telehealth appointment for Uresta today to see if it’s right for you and claim your $50 savings*!

66% of women surveyed said using Uresta either stopped their leaking or reduced it by a significant degree.


80% of women said Uresta was very easy to insert.


72% would recommend Uresta to a friend

Aimee Oliver

“I completed a series of high level plyometric sessions all around 45 mins long. I did all of this without wearing a pad… something I haven’t done in FOUR YEARS!!! And to my absolute amazement… I DIDN’T LEAK!! I can honestly say girls this device has changed my life!!​”

Aimee Oliver
Owner, Body Fit Moms


“I tried the bladder support today and I almost cried! It was the first time in 21 years that I sneezed and didn’t wet my panties. I can’t tell you the joy I felt. I have sneezed at least 5 times already today…I love sneezing now. Thank you, thank you, thank you. This product is worth every penny.”



“I’m a very active mother of four and always experience UI the week before my period. So I couldn’t run, exercise, sneeze without peeing my pants. uresta® is a game changer.”


Family Physician

“Best of all it allowed me to run the 5k with my children and not have to worry about incontinence! I can now run regularly and participate in aerobics class with no problems. I recommend it to a lot of my patients and have heard only good things about it from them when they try it”

Family Physician

Money back guarantee

Uresta now offers a 14 Day Satisfaction Guarantee for all U.S. customers.

Do you leak urine…

When you laugh, cough, sneeze, run, exercise, bend over, or lift something?

Yes! Uresta may be able to help significantly reduce or stop your leaking.

You may have Stress Urinary Incontinence . You should consult your doctor/ healthcare professional to determine if you are suffering from stress urinary incontinence and if Uresta is right for you.

Because of all of a sudden you have to go so badly you can’t get to the bathroom on time?

Unfortunately, the Uresta bladder support may not be right for you.

You may have a condition called Urge Incontinence (sometimes referred to as Overactive Bladder or OAB). The Uresta bladder support will not help with the effects of Urge Incontinence. You should see your doctor to discuss other treatment options.

Frequently asked questions

  •  Click “book a telehealth appointment” at the top of this page
  •  Sign up with our trusted telehealth partner SteadyMD
  •  Select your appointment time using their online calendar
  •  Enter your credit card (you will not be charged until your appointment)
  •  Your appointment will be confirmed via email & text
  •  All appointments will be completed via zoom using your computer or phone
  •  During the consultation, the physician will ask you a few questions to determine if uresta® can help stop your bladder leaks and you can ask the physician any questions you may have about Uresta

We have negotiated special pricing of just $49 for your telehealth appointment (this is a one-time charge and there are no other fees other than the cost of Uresta)

Uresta sells for $299 for the 3-pack starter kit and lasts for 1 year. We are currently offering $50 off the regular price of $299 for all telehealth prescriptions for Uresta, which comes with a risk free 14-day money back guarantee.

Should you not be satisfied with Uresta bladder support, we will refund you the cost of the prescription within 14 days of delivery!

Your prescription for Uresta will be automatically sent to our pharmacy who will deliver Uresta to your home in 3-5 business days. Shipping is included in the price of Uresta!

  • SteadyMd is a leading Telehealth provider with licensed physicians across the U.S.A. Check out www.steadyMD.com to learn more!
  • All Appointments are fulfilled by SteadyMD and its network of physicians are independent from Uresta.

Not at this time, however if you have an FSA or HSA you can use that to offset some of the costs.

  1. Uresta comes in 5 sizes. As part of your prescription, you will receive the uresta® bladder support starter kit, which includes the 3 most common sizes (works for 80% of women). If you need a smaller or larger size, you can contact us and we will send that size at no charge to you.
  2. You will know that your Uresta is the right size if:
    • your bladder leaking has stopped
    • you are able to empty your bladder without difficulty
    • device should fit comfortably and barely be noticeable

Simply wash with warm water and soap.

Yes, you can go to the bathroom with Uresta. The device should be barely noticeable during daily activities.

Uresta should be removed daily for cleaning and left out overnight.

Yes! Uresta is FDA cleared and made from medical grade material that does not absorb bacteria or odor.

Don’t see your question here?

Call our toll-free hotline at 1-(866)-560-5690 or email us at customercare@myuresta.com and we’ll be happy to help!