uresta® has implemented a number of new measures in an effort to help health care providers support their SUI patients remotely and with confidence during the COVID-19 crisis.

uresta® Video Resources

Watch Dr. Scott Farrell, BA BEd, MD, FRCSC, the inventor of uresta® walk through how to fit, use, and size the uresta® bladder support. And provide your patients with the support they need by sharing a detailed Patient How-To video.

For A Limited Time

Our 30 -Day U.S. Money Back Guarantee Program

Now you can prescribe uresta® with the confidence that your patients are backed up with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee. They will receive a $249 refund should they not like uresta® applied to their credit card – $299 minus a $50 processing fee. There are no returns required.

Tele-Health Live Presentation

Introducing uresta®‘s Live Video Presentation – an easy way for you to learn more about our self-fitted & self-managed SUI solution. This short presentation moderated by one of our highly qualified consultants guides you through the benefits of uresta®, how it works, how to fit it, and how to prescribe it.

How To Set Up a Zoom Video Call

  • You need to have access to a stable internet connection and a video-capable device - preferably a laptop, desktop or tablet.
  • If it's your first time using Zoom, access your meeting link a few minutes before your call and follow the steps to download the Zoom app. Simply click the link in the invite and follow the steps when prompted.
  • The software will prompt you to enter your details and ensure your audio & video connection is working correctly.
  • Feel free to ask questions at any time during the video call, and a recording will be made available after the meeting to share with your staff.